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Happy New Year - Videos are LIVE!

Happy New Year to everyone in the FitCityWorld community. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for joining me on this virtual journey. Not only has this been a huge goal of mine for many years, it's also allowed me to keep working and living out my passion in the midst of this global pandemic. For those who would like to get to know me more, and have not read my journey, feel free to check out my story and connect with me on Instagram.


In honor of the New Year, I recorded a 10 minute mindful movement meditation to help all of us realign and reconnect with ourselves as we look forward to renewed beginnings. This is available on both the Lagree Standard & Premium Channels. In alignment with the FitCityWorld mission statement, I will be recording one each month as we all navigate our way through 2021.


As a reminder, Monday evenings are when new Microformer workouts are released LIVE! on the FitCityWorld Lagree Premium Channel. This week's release include 2 - 40 minute Full Body Workouts, including one with the Lagree Cables. Additionally, there is a Lower Body Workout along with a Core Express workout.

Since it is the first of the month, videos have been refreshed on the Lagree Standard Channel. As a reminder, this is the free access channel which provides 5 workouts a month from the previous month's selection on the Premium Channel.


FitCityWorld will be hosting our first ever Live! Microformer Virtual Class on Saturday, January 23, 2020. This will be a 45 minute class which will take place at 10:30am ET/9:30am CT/7:30am PT. The class is FREE for Premium Channel Members, and $5 for Standard Channel Members. RSVP to to claim your spot by Thursday, January 21.

This year we have some big goals we are tackling with the FitCityWorld community. I cannot wait to share with you how our community will be expanding over the next few months. As always, I am here for whatever support you may need on or off the Microformer.

Cheers to 2021!

~Anne Marie

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