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Hi, I'm Anne Marie, Founder & Creator of FitCityWorld! I am a dreamer, activator, philanthropist, passport stamp seeker, traveler (not a tourist), wellness + movement advocate, animal lover, eternal optimist, playlist curator, musical theater junkie, and aficionado when it comes to The Office, Gilmore Girls & New Girl. Proudly, I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend; "Raising a Ruth" as a mom to a micro-preemie turned toddler; a fur-mom to the world's best pug & lab — and to my beagle in heaven. Professionally, I am a Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Lagree Fitness Level I & II Trainer, Co-Host for the Tennessee Titans Play60 Program, Retired 6 year NFL Cheerleader & Pro Bowl Cheerleader, and Founder of Scandinavian Fitness Adventures.


Five-year-old Anne Marie wanted to be a travel agent. However, I spent the other 17 of my "growing up years" with a determination of working in the entertainment industry. With a laser-sharp focus on this goal, I moved to Nashville, TN to attend Belmont University, eventually graduating with my Bachelor's in Business Administration. During my college tenure, I took part in internships with Billboard Magazine, CMT, VH1 (NYC), and MTV (Santa Monica, CA). This eventually led me to work full time with MTV News & Documentaries Production Management in New York City, and then to a job as the Assistant to the Co-Hosts of the ABC show, The View.

Throughout this time, I embarked on my own weight loss journey. Losing weight — but more importantly — gaining self-confidence and empowerment was an experience unlike anything I had felt before. Life eventually brought me back to Nashville, and I was inspired to become a part-time Personal Trainer to help others feel empowered to pursue their own personal + health goals. I kept 

Six months into my career pivot, I achieved another dream goal — I made the squad of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders. Grateful for such an opportunity, I spent six seasons on the team, three of those seasons as a captain, and was selected as the team representative for the 2017 Pro Bowl, the highest honor offered to an NFL Cheerleader. During this time with the NFL, I continued to shape and refine my ambitions of pursuing a full-time career as a personal trainer.

Big things have small beginnings — in my case, that consisted of teaching the 5 am class at Barry's Bootcamp on Monday through Friday for nearly a year, as well as becoming certified in the Lagree Fitness Method and teaching classes a few days a week at Studio Novo Nashville. My responsibilities and training frequency at both studios grew over time, and in 2018 I left both roles to open SculptHouse Nashville as their lead trainer, combining the Lagree Method with the Woodway Curve treadmill. My career was in full swing, and just as I started contemplating my next goal, the best surprise in the world happened — my daughter Grace was born.

After our new addition to the family, I decided to return to my roots as a personal trainer in early 2020. Then, COVID-19 happened, which quickly upended the entire fitness industry, along with my ambitions to host fitness adventures around the globe. I decided to extend my training sabbatical to spend more time with my daughter, and once life started to return (somewhat) back to normal, I sharpened my focus again towards what I really wanted next in my career. Today, I maintain a healthy balance of training clients at my home gym, speaking to schools in Middle TN about children and teenager wellness, hosting live sessions for SWT-LIVE, and offering virtual classes for Lagree Fitness on this very website. I have more plans just around the corner, and I can't wait to bring those to life as part of the FitCityWorld brand!

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