Standard (free)

  • Microformer intro class

  • Lagree intro class

  • 1 full-body workout

  • 1 core workout

  • 1 arm workout

  • 1 leg workout

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Premium ($50/month)

  • All-access membership

  • Everything included in Lagree Standard

  • 4 - 5 workouts added each week covering full-body, core, arms, and legs

  • Access to entire video archive

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"Train for longevity, train efficiently."

What is Lagree Fitness?

Lagree Fitness is a high intensity, low impact workout where every workout combines Strength, Cardio, Endurance, Core, Balance, and Flexibility.

Lagree utilizes the Megaformer and the Microformer, which is often confused with the reformer used in traditional pilates. Lagree is its own method, founded by Sebastian Lagree, which utilizes more strength training elements compared to Pilates. 

Lagree was specifically designed to increase muscular strength, increase muscular endurance, improve cardiovascular efficiency, increase bone mineral density, increase metabolic rate, improve your body composition, enhance your postural alignment and balance, balance your extrinsic and intrinsic strength, increase upper and lower body coordination, prevent and delay muscle loss due to aging, improved muscle tone and definition, enhance flexibility, contribute to body leanness, reduce stress, and improve self image - self esteem - self confidence.

Lagree Microformer At-Home

Microformers are available through purchase direct through Lagree via this link

For accessories, I would recommend purchasing the Microformer fully-loaded.

This comes with the Micro Base, Front & Back Platforms, Front & Back Handlebars, 1 set of Micro Cables with Footstraps, 3 Micro Straps, and 1 Bungee.