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The mission of FitCityWorld is to unite all walks of life throughout the world by way of movement, mindfulness, empowerment, and accessibility.

FitCityWorld as a concept was born in 2012 under the name FitCityPearl, and evolved into FitCityWorld in 2016 when founder and world travelers Anne Marie and her husband embarked on a two-week journey across Europe. Throughout this adventure, they discovered empowering cultural differences across many countries, and one thing remained consistent: the power and language of movement for our mind + body is universal. Inspired by more progressive approaches to wellness in Scandinavia, Anne Marie made it her life's mission to connect the world through movement and mindfulness.


MOVEMENT + MINDFULNESS: As a career personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 2010, Anne Marie has incorporated mindful movement and holistic wellness as her pillars in life and her teachings. In 2020, she expanded her training services to a virtual platform in order to align with FitCityWorld’s mission of uniting all walks of life throughout the world by way of movement. These training services include a full online studio for the Lagree Fitness method, utilizing the Microformer with videos hosted on this website.


EMPOWERMENT + ACCESSIBILITY: Additionally, during a visit to Sweden in 2017, the concept for FitCityWorld Fitness Adventures was born, based on a desire to offer an inside look at the empowering Scandinavian lifestyle of minimalism, wellness, and mindful movement. The inaugural Fitness Adventure took place in June 2018, bringing a group of Americans to Sweden; the next Fitness Adventure will resume once life begins to return to normal in a post-pandemic world.

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