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Dreams Are Renewable

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”- F. Scott Fitzgerald

As I sit here trying to assemble the words buzzing through my brain, a wave of fresh air gusts through my open window. The scent of the fall hits my nose, and I let out a big exhale and begin to peck away at my keyboard. It’s taken me about 36 years to appreciate the fall, specifically October, and the rejuvenation it seems to give people. Some reflection has led me to realize my lack of appreciation for fall wasn’t a singular or intentional event. Rather, my lack of appreciation for seasons in general is rooted in my former perfectionist and over-extended lifestyle where allowing myself to relax and enjoy a peaceful moment of stillness to connect with nature would derail me from the glamorized hustle and grind pursuit of happiness. Where day after day my schedule was booked 5am - 11pm intentionally — because that is what successful people do, right?

For me, I'm grateful it only took seven years to figure out this was not a sustainable lifestyle; it’s what I felt I needed to do in the moment to get my big breaks and pay the bills. This grind came at a deep cost to my health, friendships, adventures, and self-love. Those who have been following my journey know that I decided to shed back some layers a few years ago, throwing in the perfectionist towel of that hustle and grind lifestyle because externally my successes were not worth the exhaustion and depletion my body was going through.

A big part of this transition for me was the realization that I needed to rewrite the story of my professional career and build my own brand, an idea which has been in the works mentally since 2010. Three years ago, I started to translate that dream into a reality, and now I'm finally ready to reveal it to the world. The brand I have dreamed about — the brand that has manifested endlessly in my head — is coming to life! As I reflect on this journey, I recognize and appreciate the numerous life events which have transpired in the fall for me, and utilizing this new platform, I’ll be able to share those events with you over time. For now, I’ll just sit back, smile, and thank the Universe for new beginnings and exciting opportunities.

Welcome to my new empire — FityCityWorld. Under this brand, you will find an overall resource for health and wellness; a blank page for my hidden passion of writing; a forum to openly share my journey as I navigate through life as an unexpected mom; a digital space to coordinate my personal training services and motivational speaking; a central hub to plan fitness adventures across the globe with other like-minded travelers; and a platform to host and promote my Lagree Virtual Fitness Studio.

Typing away, breathing in the crisp fall air, I extend gratitude for the years of messiness which has brought me to this place. More than ever, I am thankful for my health and the ability to evolve. The best part of this journey is simple — I'm doing this for me. After all, the biggest takeaway I have from the past decade is that true happiness comes from within. I openly invite you on this journey with me, as it will be the most adventurous one of my life. I welcome you with open arms to FitCityWorld.

“Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.”

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