Lagree Fitness Intro Finalè - Lagree at Home

In my previous two Lagree Fitness Intro posts, I have shared with you how I found Lagree, what is Lagree, and why I continue to stay with the method. Now, for the fun part - how YOU can take part in Lagree Fitness at home via virtual training.

You can order the Fully Loaded Microformer by following this link. Use code ANNEMARIETURAN for $100 off. I recommend purchasing the Fully Loaded Microformer as this is the most cost effective option to purchase the Front & Back Platform and Handlebars, Bungee, Microformer straps, and Bungee.

For a more cost effective route, you can order the Base Model, as all videos I produce give modifications if you don't have the handlebars or back platform. For all other microformer combinations, you can view this link.

By signing up for the FitCityWorld Lagree Standard Channel, you receive free access to 5 videos a month. For only $50 a month, I offer the Lagree Premium Channel which delivers 4-5 new microformer workout videos every Monday evening. Along with the new weekly videos, you receive past access to all of the videos previously published.

Once you have signed up for an account – whether that is the Standard (free) or Premium Channel – you will have access to three introduction videos. These videos breakdown the Lagree method, an overview of the Microformer, and an introduction to the Lagree teaching style.

I am always here to answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the Lagree Virtual process. The FitCityWorld Lagree Virtual community is filled with an empowering and diverse collective of individuals all across the country. We invite you to join us as we all navigate through our personal fitness journeys.

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